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XXX HDRecently Discovered Star Has Been Named After An Indian Scientist! – The contribution of female Indian scientists and their glory has now reached the stars.

7,80,000 people participated worldwide to propose and select names for each exoplanet and its host star.

A star in the solar system just got a Bengali name – Not a lot of the stars in the universe can boast having an Indian name, except the newly incorporated HD 86081 — now known as Bibha.

It’s also much closer to its star than Jupiter is to the Sun —.

The star has been named in honour of a pioneering Indian woman scientist Bibha Choudhury.

the names suggested from India,” said ASI president G.C. Anupama. ‘Bibhā’, nee HD 8608, is located in the.

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A yellow-white star around 340 light years away from the solar system hitherto listed in star catalogues as HD 86081 will henceforth be named Bibha, after the 20th century Indian woman physicist.

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